Add some STYLE… to mundane LIFE!
Which attributes define the ‘stylish one’? It is all about the way you fill your life with absolute panache, flair and elegance quite distinctively. It is about the way you stand out in the crowd with your refined and elevated tastes. It is about your high aspirations from life and to settle for nothing less.

This is a horse enthusiast’s paradise dedicated to the timeless bond between man and horse.

Saumya Vihaan brings first of its kind lifestyle property based on stud farm living where all activities related to horse will be carried out at one place.

These are the things that add a unique style to your life helping you create a world which is exciting, exuberant and full of liveliness taking you away from humdrumness.

Find your own sky… for your joy fly!
Stud Farm Living @ Saumya Vihaan
The first ever community development based on Horse!
Till now....
....You might have looked at the properties offering best of the value proposition…

You might have explored the properties offering amenities like swimming pool, gym, club etc.

…You might have been lured by the properties offering exciting investment returns, but have you heard about a property that infuses all of the above along with the exciting & exhilarating taste of stud farm living?

Well… here it is. The first ever community project in Gujarat that blends pleasure, prosperity, peace with Stud Farm living on the top! Heralding a novelty in lifestyle property concept, Saumya Vihaan is an ideal choice for those who had enough of pools, clubs and gyms and are looking for something different to keep their spirits renewed and rejuvenated. It opens a whole new chapter in lifestyle property wherein 70 bighas have been devoted completely for stud farm and related activities.

Expand your views and explore the whole new meaning of rejuvenation & refreshment!
…Welcome to Life
Spend your weekends at Stud Farm & Start a week a fresh!