Chetak Race course

An excitement that doesn’t finishes at the finishing line....

Race course at Saumya Vihaan has been named after the famous horse ‘Chetak’.
Chetak, was the horse of Maharana Pratap, whom Pratap rode during the Battle of Haldighati, 21 June, 1576. Chetak died in this battle and since then has been immortalized in the ballads of Rajasthan.

Folklore has it that Chetak's coat had a blue tinge. That is why Rana Pratap is sometime referred as the Rider of the Blue Horse in ballads.
At Saumya Vihaan, we provide first of its kind race course in India based on community living. Chetak Race course would align with international standards giving you the royal feel of horse racing.

This will be almost the only race course to come up in last 20 years in India providing the magnificent experience of horse racing.