Dholera is being developed as a future city of India and an industrial hub for entire nation. Apart from this, it is also home to some of historical places like Lothal, Lord Swaminarayan Temple, Hot Water Kund and a wonderfull Black Buck Sanctuary.

Shree Sarangpur Hanuman Temple
This hanumanji temple is considered most holy and sacred, it is popular among the nearby districts and it is among the most prominent temples in swaminarayan sampraday.
Lothal city is one of the well known cities of the ancient Indus valley civilization in the vicinity of Saumya Vihaan. The origin and history of Lothal can be dated back to 2400 BC. It was actively involved in the trade of beads, gems and expensive ornaments that were exported to West Asia and Africa.
Black Buck Sanctuary
Blackbuck National Park was established in the year 1976, is located between two rivers Parvalia and Alang in a widely spread grassland area. The National Park is basically known for the highest population of blackbucks residing in it. Other than blackbucks you can also see Nilgai, wolf, wild cat, jackal, Indian fox and rodents in the park. The migratory birds from Central Asia, Siberia and Europe land here during winter season to escape from the extreme weather.
Lord Swaminarayan Temple
Its a Hindu temple in Dholera which was built by Lord Swaminarayan himself and is also one of the six Temples built by him. Lord Swaminarayan graced Dholera on the request from Punjabhai and other devotees, and on 19 may, 1826 installed the idols of Madan Mohan Dev and his own from Harikrishna Maharaj at the Principal seat of the temple and invoked Gods amidst Vedic hymns.
Hot Water Kund
Hot water kund located at Dholera village is more than 100 years old from which Hot water regularly comes out from the source. This water has been flowing for years without any disruption, not even the severest drought have been able to slow down the pace. Entire village takes bath at this kund.