Saumya Vihaan Advantage

Lifestyle is the way a person lives to one’s own ability which has now got associated with ‘class’. Lifestyle indulgence are generally meant for high class with huge cost, Saumya Vihaan aims at making lifestyle experience affordable on a sustainable basis.

Welcome to Saumya Vihaan a brand new lifestyle address for those who seek to explore the meaning of real life moving away from being monotonous. In the world ruled by competition & high expectations… suddenly everyone is moving towards 'idyllic’ lifestyle and that is where we offer you a serene & green landscape painted with the purest shades of nature.

Saumya Vihaan offers a unique combination of class & economics making life style property affordable with low indulgence cost with first-of-its-kind equine resort having all types of horse activities which includes a stud farm, a race course, a horse riding academy, a polo ground and a world class club resort.
Huge upside potential in valuation of the property as the project is coming up in industrially planned city of Dholera, Gujarat.

A dream like world is Saumya Vihaan where revival of your senses comes naturally to you. Every weekend will be an enlightening experience for you and loved ones who will wish to re-live again & again.

People can visit here for the weekend, stay at the resort and have a good time.