It enables the State Government to establish, develop, operate and regulate the Special Investment Regions (SIR), The Government is empowered to declare Investment Region or Industrial Area and designate them as Special Investment Region (SIR).

An Investment Region will have as area of more than 100 sq. Kms and an Industrial Area will have an area of more than 50 sq. Kms, A four tier administrative mechanism is set up for establishment, operation, regulation and management of the SIRs.

The administrative mechanism comprises of an Apex Authority (GIDB), a Regional Development Authority (RDA) for each SIR, a Project Development Agency and project specific SPVs, The Apex Authority will be the highest policy making body.

The RDA will look after the ground level issue of development & regulation, The RDA will make its own regulations for building, construction and development, The Apex Authority will be the single window system and the first contact for the setting up any economic activity or amenity in the SIR, It empower the state government for setting up of a Project Development Agency.

Government has already formed such a project development company in the name of “Gujarat Industrial Corridor Company” (GICC), It provides for effective internal dispute settlement mechanism: a three tier system, It provides an effective framework for private sector participation in infrastructure by drawing upon the Gujarat Infrastructure Development Act (GID) Act – 1999.