Stud Farm Living

The 'Stud Farm' will be a combination of sprawling horse filled pastures and a period ranch house structures to assure the ultimate 'Stud Farm Living'.....

The word 'Stud' comes from the old English stod meaning 'herd of horse', a place where horses are kept for breeding. Stud farms have been quite in demand in western countries, its only now catching up in India. Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore have seen the most activities on this front.

Ahmedabad joins the league with its unique 'stud farm' coming up at the fast developing Dholera area. It will be the best in class in India & will give an opportunity to enjoy weekends with horse.
It comprises unique attraction of outstanding natural beauty that will be home to some of the most magnificent horses and sumptuous gardens, an inimitable combination not to be found anywhere in Asia will just be on the edge of Dholera.

The Stud Farm Living will be part of the project ‘Saumya Vihaan’ which will be spread across 300 bighas of greenery providing the unique living experience.